VIBOT Day 2011


VIBOT Day 2011

VIBOT Day 2011 will be held at the  Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona, SPAIN, on 16th June, 2011. It is a one-day event during which you will learn more about the VIBOT – 3D Vision and Robotics Master program and the collaborative opportunities that are offered to companies whishing to sponsor the program. You will also attend several oral and poster presentations given by newly graduated students that will raise your awareness of the academic excellence of the students as well as the high level of the courses taught in the program. Moreover, this one-day event will also be an opportunity for you to meet and discuss with past, current and future international students. If you are seeking collaborative opportunities and/or looking for outstanding and highly trained candidates prepared to face the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world then VIBOT Day is the right place. Do not miss this opportunity. 


Proceedings of the work presented by students at the VIBOT Day will be downloaded here.


Here is a list of the confirmed companies that will attend the VIBOT Day.

  • University of Girona (
  • Consell Social de la UdG.
  • Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona (
  • Fundació Privada Girona Universitat i Futur

Registration is free of charge, but companies need to be registered in order to attend the VIBOT day. Please fill in the registration form and return it to 

Mrs. Aina Roldán
Edifici P4 - Escola Politècnica Superior 
Universitat de Girona, Campus de Montilivi s/n 
17.071 Girona (Spain)
Phone: +34 972 418 905
Fax: +34 972 418 976

The Vibot Day will be held in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona  ( in the Jaume Casademont building (

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This is the preliminary programme of the VIBOT Day. 

Time: Activity:
8h45 Welcome
9h00 Introductory speech
  • Dr. Josep Calbó (Vice President for Research and  Technology Transfer)
  • Dr. Rafael García (Vice Principal of the Polytechnic School)
9h15 Presentation of the VIBOT Master Program.
  • Dr. Robert Martí (Director of the VIBOT Master at UdG)
9h30 Student presentations:
  • Carlos Becker. "Simulaneous sonar beacon localization and AUV navigation"
  • Babak Rezaei. "Texture classification in underwater images"
10h15 Company presentations
  • Ian Poole - Toshiba Medical Visualization
  • Lourdes Morales - BDigital
10h45Poster session and coffee break
11h30 Company presentations
  • Adèle Peenaert - Fundació CIM
  • Jordi Pagès - Pal Robotics
  • Sergi Sagas - MEDIAPRO
  • Joan Tibau - IRTA
12h30 Student presentations
  • Rocío Cabrera L. "A 4D Patient-specific Modelling of the Aorta from MR Images"
  • Miroslav Radojevic. "EKF solution for AUV navigation"
13h15 Lunch
14h30 Company presentations
  • Álvaro Iriarte - Aquiles Robotics
  • Guillem Quintana - ASCAMM Centro Tecnologico
  • David Mira - Lavinia Interactiva
  • Juan Andrade Cetto - IRI
15h30 Poster session and coffee break
16h15 Student presentations
  • Óscar E. Ramos. "Complex dynamic motion generation for a humanoid system"
  • Guillaume Lemaitre. "Absolute Quantification in 1H MRSI of the Prostate at 3 Tesla"
17h00 Close

Student Presentations
Students will present their work done in the MSc thesis as poster and oral presentations. Here is a list of the presented works:

First NameFamily NameMasterProject Title
Aigueperse AntoineMCVThe View Planning Problem
Al Ismaeil KassemMCVWhat can we expect from structure-from-motion?
BanoSophiaEM VIBOTContinuous Curvature Path Planning for a Neurosurgical Flexible Probe
BeckerCarlosEM VIBOTSimulaneous sonar beacon localization and AUV navigation
Cabrera LozoyaRocioEM VIBOTA 4D Patient-specific Modelling of the Aorta from MR Images
EngWei YongEM VIBOTInvestigation of Mosaicing Techniques for Forward Looking Sonar
Fazlollahi AmirMCV"Modeling brain tumor growth using MRI and FDOPA-PET
GulyanonWarakornEM VIBOTAutonomous intruder detection and capture using small autonomous robots and audio-video analytics
HuaRuiEM VIBOTToshiba placements
Iftikhar UmarEM VIBOTEnabling Search in Scanned Urdu Books
LemaîtreGuillaumeVIBOTAbsolute Quantification in 1H MRSI of the Prostate at 3 Tesla
Mirzaei Mohammad AliMCVFPGA
Naeem HammadEM VIBOTSampling-based path planning for a mobile robot.
Nagrath VineetMCVDepth Analysis using Mobile Phone Camera
NawafMohamad MotasemEM VIBOTMulti – Modal Registration of Sonar Imagery
Nugroho Agam AdityasMCV M2 A Generic Framework For Medical Image Segmentation
Pampouchidou AnastasiaMCVDialogue Based Interaction with expressive virtual characters
Pudja Riwaldi MCV M2Robotic applications of a “Polacatadioptric” sensor
RadojevicMiroslavEM VIBOTAutonomous Underwater Challenge Europe
RameauFrançoisMCV M2 Visual tracking using catadioptric sensors
Ramos PonceOscar EfrainEM VIBOTGénération de mouvements dynamiques complexes pour système anthropomorphe
Rastgo DastjerdiMojdehEM VIBOTChange Detection in Epiluminescence Microscopy for Early Detection of Skin Cancer
RezaeiBabakEM VIBOTTexture classification in underwater images
RodesIsabelVIBOTMultispectral and digital elevation model information fusion for classification and change detection in Earth observation
RusuAlexandru VIBOTSegmentation of bone structures in Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) for human hand skeletal kinematics modelling
Sylla DiogoneMCVReal-Time Creation of Underwater Mosaics
Valentine Vega MCV M2Recovery of Gielis Curves from Video Sequences
ValindriaVanya VabrinaEM VIBOTAutomatic Quantification of Myocardial Infarction from Delayed Enhancement MRI
WangChengjiaEM VIBOTAutonomous Underwater Challenge Europe

What is VIBOT?

VIBOT is a two-year Master Program in 3D Vision and Robotics accredited in 2006 by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus program, a co-operation and mobility program of the European Commission in the field of higher education in order to promote the European Union as a centre of excellence in learning around the world. It is the only Erasmus Mundus Master Program in 3D Vision and Robotics among the 103 Erasmus Mundus Master Programs accredited since 2004 in all disciplines. VIBOT Master students have courses in the three collaborating universities: Université de Bourgogne in France, University of Girona in Spain and Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. They spend one semester in each of these three universities and the fourth semester in training. Every year more than 300 international applications are processed and only about 30 students with the best academic records are selected. The admission of the brightest students from all over the world, some of whom were already working in a company, allows to create an international and mobile educated workforce of high level for the European community. VIBOT Master courses are given by faculties and visiting professors who belong to well-known research laboratories that have long-standing reputation for high quality research. The courses start from a comprehensive coverage of the prerequisites in the field of digital imaging (hardware and software) and basic image processing algorithms, and end up with research level teaching of their applications in the fields of robotics, medical imaging and 3D vision systems. The close location of research laboratories on campus allows the faculties to involve students at all stages of research and offer them many opportunities to participate in state-of-the-art research work. Besides technical skills and knowledge, graduate students from the VIBOT Master Program will undoubtedly acquire language skills and a sense of mobility and broadmindedness that will be a real asset in their career. To conclude, it is the commitment of the VIBOT Master program to educate highly trained candidates and leaders, ready to face the challenges and complexities of today’s and tomorrow's society. 


Vibot - Girona Semester